Transform Someone’s World

Please donate to NJC in this momentous 60th anniversary year – your support will make all the difference to a bright young student who will greatly appreciate the generosity and encouragement that comes with your gift.

Each year, an increasing number of students require financial assistance to realize their dream of attending NJC. NJC’s Financial Award Program has a long history of offering help to eligible students. In addition, we also seek funding for scholarships, which help us to attract the very best students to our classrooms. These merit-based awards offset tuition for the top-performing students we welcome each September.

By making a donation to one of these programs in 2016, you will make a difference by making immersive global education more accessible to students. Not only will your donation offset tuition, it will also offer students a sense of encouragement and validation of their very hard work to gain acceptance into our exceptional school.

This kind of support goes to people like one NJC scholarship recipient who went on to study at one of the most competitive Commerce programs in Canada.  Now a recent graduate, our alumna is an annual donor who is proud to give back and encourage others to do the same.

“It was the best year of my life and I am a smarter, more engaged and open-minded citizen as a result! I was able to attend NJC due to the generosity of others and every year I am compelled and proud to help give this incredible experience to others. I hope you will too.”

You can help someone special reach their full potential too. Donate today and help us welcome even more deserving students into the NJC community. 

Make a donation to NJC today! Transform someone’s world!