Educational Travel

Being in the heart of Europe means historic sites, museums, scientific research centres and natural wonders are often just a short journey away.

Curriculum-based travel

Every effort is made to make educational travel part of the curriculum; examples include:

  • exploring the World War I and World War II battlefields, concentration camps and memorials that make history come alive
  • witnessing how Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette lived at the magnificent palace of Versailles, to comprehend the French Revolution
  • touring the world-famous CERN facility where physicists are solving the mysteries of the universe

Curriculum-based, faculty-guided travel gives students the chance to experience Europe in a safe, nurturing environment.

Independent travel

In addition to organized class trips, students who have shown they are academically sound and behave responsibly are permitted three weekends of independent travel per semester to experience nearby cities like Vienna, Munich, Paris, Brussels and Milan on their own. These weekends away help students:

  • develop maturity and self-confidence
  • appreciate and respect different cultures and people
  • build a sense of responsibility and self-reliance

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