NJC Annual Fund

Supporting NJC’s students and programs

Each year, Neuchâtel Junior College challenges and inspires our students to broaden their horizons, love learning and shape a better world.

Since 1956, the people of NJC – our students, parents and family, alumni, friends, volunteers, faculty and staff – have evolved into a vibrant, distinctive and progressive community. The support of our community ensures the NJC experience endures for the next generation of students.


Whether you attended in the 1950s or the 2000s, Neuchâtel Junior College continues to offer the most intense experiential education available, but there is a cost associated with this valuable education. As a non-profit school, tuition is set each year to cover operating costs, but it does not cover necessary advancements such as capital improvements, financial bursaries and merit scholarships, or the sustainability that an endowment provides. For these necessities, we rely on fundraising campaigns such as Annual Giving.

Annual Giving, an NJC tradition, plays an essential role in preserving and expanding our experiential approach to learning. By giving annually to the College, our alumni, parents and friends provide funds that maintain the quality and excellence of our unique and experiential approach to education.

Amy Bourne

“Not only were some of my greatest memories and closest friendships formed at NJC, but I can also say that my time there shaped who I have become today. When I found myself in a position to give back to the school, it was something that I was thrilled to be able to do, as I hope to ensure that this opportunity exists for future generations. I hope you will join with me in supporting this amazing place that has given us such great experiences and memories.” Amy Bourne, NJC ‘00, Alumni Association President

Your support helps NJC in many ways, by assisting students who may need some financial help to participate in a school trip, upgrading classroom equipment, purchasing books and helping to fund special guest speakers to enhance the learning experience. Gifts of any amount are helpful and much appreciated.

Bill Massie (NJC ’62) of Petrolia, Ontario has made his donation quarterly, for 14 years. “NJC was life changing,” Bill says. “It was a tremendous opportunity for me, coming from Niagara-on-the-Lake, with very little life experience at that stage of the game. Travelling, making friends with students from other places – it was terrific.”

Montreal-based A. Scott Taylor and Marjorie Taylor, parents of Andrew (NJC ’93) and Alison (NJC ’95) have also given every year since 1997. “We are pleased to give our support because it was such a wonderful educational opportunity for our two children,” says Marjorie.

Dr. Alan Goldbloom (NJC ’66) from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is also a long-term supporter. “I gained more from NJC than I can ever repay, and I plan to continue to support the school as long as I am able. Although it is now 45 years since I graduated from NJC, I will never forget the impact of that experience on my life,” said Dr. Goldbloom.

There are many ways to make a gift to Neuchâtel Junior College. Learn how you can support NJC today.


Your gift to Neuchâtel Junior College is tax-deductible in Canada.

Your participation in this year’s Annual Giving Campaign will inspire and influence others to give and help NJC achieve goals that would not be possible without your support.

Every gift, no matter the amount, helps us to continue to deliver a top-quality educational experience to every NJC student.


NJC Annual Fund
Did you know?

You can join NJC’s Monthly Giving Program and make regular contributions by using your credit card. A modest gift each month adds up to a larger amount over the year.

Your employer may match your charitable contributions. Matching Gifts can double – or even triple – your gift value! Please ask your company’s human resources representative how to initiate a match.