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Neuchâtel Junior College is the ONLY Canadian school anywhere to offer Grade 12 students an incredible year of experiential learning that includes:

  • Residence with a French-speaking family in Switzerland
  • Exposure to European history, art and traditions
  • Travel guided by teaching faculty to North Africa and Southeast Asia
  • International volunteering opportunities in developing countries with NGO partners

Neuchâtel Junior College creates a community of confident, independent global citizens through a life-changing educational experience.


“It was one of the best years of my life. NJC opened my mind to different languages and cultures. I came to really respect and appreciate the values that exist in other cultures.” Jennifer Stoddart, NJC ’67, Privacy Commissioner of Canada

“I will never forget the travelling, the people we met, the cultural richness of Europe.The experience shaped a series of things in my life afterwards.” Robert Blackburn, Founding Chair of the Canadian Council on Africa and Senior Vice President, SNC-Lavalin International, NJC ’61

“My time at NJC can be described in many words, but I think the best one would be magical.” Noah Sliwin, NJC ’10


Giving to the Area of Greatest Need gives NJC the flexibility to direct your gift where it will have the most impact – or, you may choose to designate your gift to a specific project, such as student travel bursaries, classroom enhancements or building repairs. All donations to NJC are tax-deductible in Canada.

“Thank you to our community members who supported NJC in 2014-15. Your generous gifts are essential to ensuring NJC can continue to provide high-quality educational experience that inspires our students to pursue their passions and make a difference.” Bill Boyer, Head of Neuchâtel Junior College

Why support NJC?
Our Mission

To provide students a rigorous university preparatory programme in a culturally rich and multi-lingual European setting where learning through educational travel, engagement with world affairs and service to others fosters personal growth and leadership.