NJC Summer School

Earn High School Credits in Switzerland this July with NJC! 

Study Abroad
Fulfill your dream of studying in a different country for a summer. Experience European living in a country surrounded - and influenced - by France, Germany and Italy.  Switzerland is safe, developed and easy to navigate. 

Immerse Yourself in French 

Live in the French-speaking region of Switzerland in the town of Neuchâtel. By living immersed in the French language, you can improve your conversational skills and develop an appreciation for a new culture.

Fast-Track Graduation
The course you obtain during your time in Switzerland can be used towards your credit count for high-school graduation. Put yourself one step closer to graduating this summer! 
    • Immerse yourself in French while you obtain an Ontario High School Credit!

The Specifics: 

Program Dates: July 1 - 31, 2024
Location: Neuchâtel Junior College (Crêt-Taconnet 4, 2000 Neuchâtel)

Tuition: 4,000 CHF
(paid in CDN, converted on May 15th for June 1st payment) 
- Accommodations with a local French-speaking host family 
- Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day 
- Academic field trips to museums and cultural destinations
- One extended weekend trip to either Milan, Paris or Munich 
- Public transportation pass included 
- Academic instruction from an Ontario-certified teacher 

Tuition does not include: 
- Airfare
- Pocket money 
- travel medical insurance (required for participation)
    • Join us this summer to learn in and explore Europe!

Credits Offered: 

International Business (BBB4M) 
Explore the world of international business in an international setting. Visit local international businesses in Switzerland. This grade 12 course requires no prerequisite and can be used towards university admissions. 

French Core (FSF3U) 
Earn a high school French credit while living in a French-speaking community. Your class will include trips to the local market, Swiss restaurants, and surrounding towns. 

Communications Technology (TGJ3M) 
Use your travels as inspiration for the creation of videos, photo galleries, and much more. With so many beautiful scenery around, you creations in this course will serve as momentums of your time abroad. 

Please note that each course requires minimum enrolment. While we will strive to offer all three credits, this decision will be made once all interest has been submitted. 
    • Explore Switzerland and apply your learning in the classroom!

Apply Now for Summer School! 

In order to complete your application please ensure you have a scanned copy of your current transcript, full report card from June 2023 and any 23/24 academic year report cards.

There is a $50 application fee for our summer school program.  This is refunded if the program or course does not run.  It will be applied to the cost of tuition upon payment.

Applications are due by April 15, 2024.
Neuchâtel Junior College offers the unique opportunity to study Canadian curriculum abroad. While living in Switzerland in a French community, students enjoy an international education through travel and experiential learning in Europe. Gap year and Grade 12  high school students gain international experience and develop independence and life skills that prepare them for university and the global workplace.

A Canadian high school in Switzerland | Grade 12 & Gap