Catherine Johne '18

I’m thankful for the year that I’ve had and I am especially grateful to all the people that made it possible: my family for helping me get here, the school for believing in my potential, and to all of you who make such a difference in young people’s lives by donating to NJC every year.
Leading up to my year at NJC, there were many things that inspired me to spend my year abroad in Switzerland. When I was fifteen years old, I had the opportunity to study in France for three months, where I learned a lot about the country, and about myself; during that time I realized a passion for languages and for experiencing different cultures. When I returned to Canada, I knew that I wanted to study abroad again, and Neuchâtel Junior College was my first choice because of everything I’d heard. My parents were very supportive of me going, but they worried about making such a big investment.
Now, my year at NJC is almost over, and I am on track to attend King’s College London next year for International Management with a year of study-abroad. Just like getting my acceptance from NJC, I was thrilled to receive my offer in March. 
I have had such an amazing learning experience at NJC and not just in the classroom. I participated in the Model United Nations conference in St Petersburg, Russia, and had a great time meeting other students from all over the world. I learned a lot about debating and negotiating, and I definitely became more informed of the current world issues and how we might come to solve them.
This summer, to raise money for my university education, I will be working as a waitress and selling my artwork. I will also be preparing for university in my studies, by revising the course syllabi. 
Without the financial help that my family received, I would not have been able to even consider attending NJC. Your contribution to financial aid at NJC has in a sense, changed my life, and has set me up for success. You helped me reach my goal of studying in Switzerland and I am so grateful, not only for this incredible experience, but also for what you have done for my future. It is so much brighter now. I was hopeful about what I could achieve in life when I was younger, but now I feel like more is possible and I am so much better at taking on new challenges.
Now, my time at NJC is almost up, and knowing this has allowed me to reflect on the school year that is soon to pass. NJC is a very special school; it allows for its students to leave their bubble and to gain a new perspective. 
I can say that I have grown from the experiences I’ve had at this school: I’ve become more confident in everything I do, and seeing all my peers striving for greatness has motivated me even more to improve myself and keep growing. The teachers here have been very supportive and are one of the main reasons for my academic success. I’ve also made some amazing friends and will even be attending University with one of them in September. 
After this year, and after I’ve finished University, I am planning to go into the field of business. I hope to eventually start my own company and become a successful entrepreneur.
I am so grateful to everyone who made it possible for me to attend NJC this year. I am amazed to think that this year I was showered with so many generous and meaningful gifts from complete strangers! Thank you! In appreciation, I plan to join you as a donor in the near future so that I can help another student like myself have the same opportunity. 
Without your support, I would never have gotten to Neuchâtel Junior College and I am sure that I would not be headed to one of the top universities in the world. Thanks to you, my dreams are bigger and I have the encouragement and strength to achieve my goals. 
-Catherine Johne ‘18
A Canadian high school in Switzerland | Grade 12 & Gap