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NJC ’22 Grad Class Gift

Open possibilities for promising young people
Neuchâtel’s extraordinary experience transforms young people into engaged, globally minded citizens who are inspired to reach across borders and cultures to create positive change for the future.

The Class of 2022 wants to make their home away from home a place for future students to be more comfortable, have more access to travel, and make the experience accessible for more students.
Invest in endless possibilities
Join other Neuchâtel families in leaving a lasting impact. Through your donation, you can commemorate your child’s experience, their graduation, and make their priorities for future NJC students a reality.
Open possibilities for promising young people Your investment will provide the NJC experience to more students
The Grad Class of 2022 is leaving NJC, their second home, to a new class – it’s Their Home Now. The Class of 2022 has big goals! With your help, we aim to raise $100,000 to support the following three initiatives:

Initiative 1 - Tuition Bursaries
  • On average, 10-20% of our students receive financial assistance each year – these funds make their NJC dream a reality.
  • Achieving this goal would allow for three to five students to come to NJC with meaningful financial support. 
  • Used for students who indicate financial need as part of their application, NJC employs a third party to independently analyze their request and provide a recommended bursary amount.
Initiative 2 - Bursaries for Mandatory Travel - $25,000
  • Traveling is one of the ways NJC students Step Outside during their time in Switzerland. Travel builds citizenship, global perspective, independence, and instills responsibility.
  • Achieving this goal would send five students on the Zermatt trip.
  • Used to support students in attending mandatory trips during their time at NJC.

Initiative 3 - Funding for Campus Comforts and Improvements - $25,000 *NJC will match all donation made for Campus Comforts and Improvements up to $25,000
    • NJC becomes a second home for students. While in school they need a space to call their own, to relax, connect, be creative, learn from each other, and grow together. 
    • Achieving this goal would enable us to:
      • Install a new water fountain. Not only does this encourage our students to refill their water bottles, but also allows for hundreds of plastic, single-use water bottles diverted from landfills. 
      • Improve the Student Centre to enhance this dedicated space for studying, growing, and of course, connecting with their classmates.
      • Install outdoor picnic tables and benches.  Spending time outdoors boasts many benefits to a person’s overall well-being. It has been proven to reduce stress and even increase focus and effective learning for students. It can also help improve overall mental health.

Class Gift FAQ
Why does Neuchâtel need to raise money?
As a non-profit school, our tuition is set each year to cover operating costs, which means projects that further the school, such as bursaries, must come through philanthropy. Like all independent schools, we rely on our community to support the ideas and advancements that are going to enrich the NJC experience. By giving to the College, parents partner with us in the quality and excellence of our unique experiential approach to education.
Where does my Class Gift donation go?
Funds raised from the Class of ’22 gift will be used for student bursaries, mandatory travel bursaries, and various campus comforts and improvements which will positively impact the daily student experience.
How can I make my donation?
Donate online or call our Canadian office at 1.800.263.2923 ext. 224. 
Who should I speak to for more information to discuss my Class Gift?
We encourage you to reach out to Andrew Keleher, Head of School, or Robyne Balanuik, Director of Advancement, to answer any of your questions.  

Andrew Keleher
Head of School
office: +41.32.722.1860
mobile: +41.78.410.0042
Robyne Balanuik
Director of Advancement
office: 416.386.8169 ext. 224
mobile: 905.467.9906
Can I support an area other than bursaries or school upgrades?
Yes, your donation can be directed to other programs including the Head of School’s Fund, which allows the school to direct resources to areas of greatest need such as curriculum enhancement, extracurriculars, and investments for long-term stability.  Speak to Andrew about other giving opportunities.
How will I be recognized for my donation?
We want to celebrate your generosity! NJC values gifts of all amounts and will recognize donors in the following way. Donors may also choose to remain anonymous.

Neuchâtel Junior College offers the unique opportunity to study Canadian curriculum abroad. While living in Switzerland in a French community, students enjoy an international education through travel and experiential learning in Europe. Gap year and Grade 12  high school students gain international experience and develop independence and life skills that prepare them for university and the global workplace.

A Canadian high school in Switzerland | Grade 12 & Gap