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  • Update on Scholarships and Bursaries!

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  • Catherine Johne '18

    I’m thankful for the year that I’ve had and I am especially grateful to all the people that made it possible: my family for helping me get here, the school for believing in my potential, and to all of you who make such a difference in young people’s lives by donating to NJC every year.
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  • Dr. Dan Andreae ’72

    Dr. Dan Andreae ’72 describes his year at Neuchâtel Junior College as transformative. He says that it was a “chance to be exposed to a different culture, language and ways of life” and a “chance to become a citizen of the world”.
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  • Joshua Nguyen ‘18

    I don’t think that I am able to fully express my gratitude towards both this amazing school, the staff and to those of you who made my year possible by donating to the bursary program. 
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  • Patti Kleeb (Teacher)

    In a perfect world, the unique, immersive experience that is Neuchâtel Junior College would be available to every young Canadian who could benefit from it. In reality, of course, our program is constrained by financial considerations.
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