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Applying for the 2024-25 academic year

The application portal is open for the 2024-25 academic year. We continue to accept applications.  Apply now!
Applying for the 2024-25 academic year:
We continue to accept applications throughout the spring and offers are made on a rolling basis. If you would like to have a meeting with a member of the admission team or have questions, please email the admissions office at admissions@neuchatel. org or call us at 416-368-8169 extension 223.

Application fee payments are accepted on the application portal.  

Please note that students applying from outside Canada or the USA need to contact the admissions office regarding tuition fees.

The Director of Admissions welcomes all questions to assist families with the application process.  Please email with any questions.

The early application for the 2025-26 academic year is now open! The early application deadline is July 5, 2024.  

Why apply early?

  • Plan ahead:
    • Receive an early admission decision in the summer of 2024 for September 2025
  • Tuition incentive:
    • Applicants who are offered an early offer of admission receive a CHF 1000 (Swiss Franc) tuition incentive for a full year enrolment and a CHF 500 (Swiss Franc) tuition incentive for a one-semester enrolment.
An application can be started now and required documents uploaded or provided closer to the deadline. The application fee for the early application is $300 and can be paid directly on the portal.

In celebration of NJC's 70th cohort, we are offering an application fee waiver to grandchildren, children and siblings of NJC alumni who apply with the early application by July 5, 2024. Contact for more information.

Application Information

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  • FAQs

    Can I still apply now for the 2024-25 academic year?
    Yes. You are welcome to submit an application now for September 2024 or February 2025. We are reviewing applications throughout the year. The application portal remains open. 

    When can I apply for the 2025-26 academic year?

    The early application for September 2025 is now open. Early applications are a great way to plan ahead and there is a tuition incentive for applying early.
    How do I submit my application?
    In order to apply, you need to create an account on the NJC portal. Click here to initiate the application process.
    What is the process for submitting a reference letter? Who should I ask?
    A character reference letter can be completed by one of the following:
    - a current or former high school teacher or an athletic coach.
    - a professional individual/organization for whom the applicant has either volunteered or worked.
    - an adult individual who has known the applicant for more than 5 years
    There is no set or required format for the letter. The reference letter can be requested by the applicant on the portal and then submitted by the reference directly or sent in confidence to

    What is the topic for the admission application essay?
    Neuchâtel Junior College’s tagline is "Step Outside". We coined this phrase because we see students at NJC chart their own path in their academics, extracurriculars, host family relationship, future post-secondary pursuits, and in their self-awareness.
    a. Describe an experience, event or achievement that triggered a new understanding of yourself or others and opened your mind up to new ideas. (500 words)
    b. How do you expect Neuchâtel Junior College will give you the opportunity to “Step outside” of your comfort zone? (300 words)

    What if I don’t have an official transcript?
    You can meet this requirement by submitting scanned copies of the final report cards for all courses completed in high school to date (Grade 9, 10, 11 and any Grade 12 courses). Please ensure that all pages are uploaded. The scans can also be sent to and will be uploaded by the admissions office.

    When will I have an interview?
    Applicants will be contacted directly to schedule their admission interview once their application is complete. The interview is done virtually and is typically scheduled for about 30 minutes with the student only attending. There is no preparation necessary.
    What to expect after I submit the application?
    Once the application is submitted, the NJC admissions office will confirm receipt and contact the family if any required or additional documents need to be provided. 

    When will I have my decision?
    Applicants will receive decisions from the Admissions Committee through the my NJC portal within a few weeks of the application submission. When possible or requested, early decisions may be provided for complete applications. 
    When is the first payment due?
    The first payment is made upon enrolment. Payments are due in instalments typically due in June, August and November. Please contact the admissions office in confidence if you would like more information on tuition fees and bursaries.
    What if I have questions?
    The Director of Admissions is available to meet with families at their convenience to answer questions about NJC’s program and welcomes all questions to assist families with their research.  From questions about pensions to university placement, we are able to provide guidance on eligibility, application instructions, space availability as well as any special circumstances a family may encounter during the application process.

    Director of Admissions Neuchâtel Junior College
    416.368.8169 | 800.263.2923 ext. 223

Neuchâtel Junior College selects students on the basis of their academic performance, character, interests, talents and potential. Successful applicants are those who seek to challenge and advance themselves through a transformational experience of intense personal and intellectual growth. The College favours applicants who respond positively to new challenges and who express sufficient maturity, international curiosity and personal responsibility to embrace this experience.

A Complete Application Includes the Following:

  • Application form completed and submitted on the school portal with application fee and parent signature
  • Official school transcript - listing all secondary school marks to date
  • Copy of each report card to date for courses in progress in the current academic year
  • 800-word essay from the applicant- subject of essay provided on application instruction form.

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Katie '23

[NJC] has offered an unforgettable chapter in my life, one that has broadened my horizons, cultivated independence, and set the stage for a future filled with endless possibilities.
Neuchâtel Junior College offers the unique opportunity to study Canadian curriculum abroad. While living in Switzerland in a French community, students enjoy an international education through travel and experiential learning in Europe. Gap year and Grade 12  high school students gain international experience and develop independence and life skills that prepare them for university and the global workplace.

A Canadian high school in Switzerland | Grade 12 & Gap