Mr. Andrew J. Keleher

Head of School
BA/BEd St. Thomas University
MEd York University

Mr. Keleher is Canadian and was raised in Saint John, New Brunswick, where he learned French and became fully bilingual. He earned both his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees at St. Thomas University, and subsequently studied in Ontario at York University to obtain his Master of Education, with a specialization in second language acquisition.

Formerly serving as Principal in Victoria, British Columbia, Mr. Keleher is dedicated to supporting teachers in their professional growth, to fostering innovation, and to pursuing excellence. He follows a student-centred approach, is committed to 21st Century learning strategies, and understands that students are inspired by inspired teachers. He is awed by the power of education.

With over twenty years in education, over a decade in the role of administrator, a passion for educational travel, and having lived, studied and taught in Western, Central and Eastern Canada, Mr. Keleher is the perfect fit for our extraordinary school.
Neuchâtel Junior College offers the unique opportunity to study Canadian curriculum abroad. While living in Switzerland in a French community, students enjoy an international education through travel and experiential learning in Europe. Gap year and Grade 12  high school students gain international experience and develop independence and life skills that prepare them for university and the global workplace.

A Canadian high school in Switzerland | Grade 12 & Gap