Ms. An Tran

Advancement and Alumni Relations Coordinator
BA University of Calgary
MI University of Toronto
An is pleased to be part of the Neuchâtel Junior College team. Having participated in a similar program when she was 18, she understands how transformative the NJC experience can be, and how the students will make lifelong friends and memories. Even decades later, if dropped in Oxford, she’s sure that she can still find her way to her former dorm and favourite tuck shop!
An has enjoyed working in the advancement departments of the University of Calgary, the Aga Khan Museum, OCAD University, and other wonderful educational, cultural, and arts organizations.
The dedication and enthusiasm of the NJC alumni is inspiring, and An looks forward to working with the community to continue the NJC legacy.

An can be reached at or 416.368.8169 x 223
A Canadian high school in Switzerland | Grade 12 & Gap