Dr. Dan Andreae ’72

Dr. Dan Andreae ’72 describes his year at Neuchâtel Junior College as transformative. He says that it was a “chance to be exposed to a different culture, language and ways of life” and a “chance to become a citizen of the world”.
Today, he wants to help offer young people a chance now and down the road to take advantage of such an amazing opportunity, that is “broadening in so many ways, no matter where you come from or what you are looking for, because the benefits go on for a lifetime.” In 2016, Dr. Andreae was the Lead Patron for the 60th Anniversary Gala, and this year, his generosity is helping us install a solar panel roof on campus at Neuchâtel Junior College. The solar panel system will provide our campus with access to clean, affordable electricity that doesn’t harm the planet.
Matching all contributions dollar for dollar up to $50,000, Dr. Daniel Andreae hopes that we will be able to work together to green the school, diversify earned income and enhance the science curriculum at the College.
An experienced philanthropist and distinguished award-winning academic, Dr. Dan Andreae says that the most important thing for him is the personal connection with the organizations with which he works. It is important to give back in any way possible in order to help the school build and grow, and he is elated and proud to be able to contribute as our Lead Patron. He encourages all other alumni to consider donating and says that it is a great feeling to be able to help others benefit from the school – honouring their past and offering a future legacy.
Dr. Andreae hopes that by working with NJC, and encouraging other alumni to do so, people will have an even greater awareness of the school, what it offers and can continue to offer.
We were pleased and honoured to have Dr. Daniel Andreae ’72 as our keynote speaker at NJC’s graduation ceremony this past June 2018.
Neuchâtel Junior College offers the unique opportunity to study Canadian curriculum abroad. While living in Switzerland in a French community, students enjoy an international education through travel and experiential learning in Europe. Gap year and Grade 12  high school students gain international experience and develop independence and life skills that prepare them for university and the global workplace.

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