Solar Panel Pavillion

The Donation Match has been Extended and Expanded!

Over the summer, we received excited emails and notes from alumni and parents who were thrilled to hear about an innovative new energy initiative and a restoration of the Foyer. As one of Mr. Keleher’s first projects as the new Head of School, he will be overseeing the installation of a solar panel roof on the Pavillon this fall. The system will provide our students with access to clean, affordable electricity that doesn’t harm the environment and will reduce our considerable energy costs.

We haven’t yet reached our ambitious target of raising $60,000 in support of the project and now there is more time to make a donation and have it matched.
Honorary Patrons’ Council President, Dr. Daniel Andreae ’72, has generously offered to both extend his Match Deadline until the end of the year, and open it up to those of you who would like to contribute to the restoration of the Foyer.
You now have until midnight, on December 31st, to increase your support for our Campus Improvements and Infrastructure programs. The $2-for-$1 match means that your $5 investment will become $15, your $15 investment will become $45, and so on.

On behalf of Mr. Keleher and Dr. Andreae, we extend our sincere thanks to those of you who have donated to our appeal to revitalize the campus. As our buildings age and technological needs increase, it is vital that we continuously and strategically invest in our campus so that it is a safe and inspiring place to learn. We couldn’t do it without your help and we are grateful for your belief in our school!

Please donate now and help ‘green’ NJC! 
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