Ms. Alana Reich '18

Part-Time Office Assistant
BA Candidate, University of Toronto
Alana credits her love for travel to her curious parents, who turned down her 12-year-old dream of overnight camp and took her to Europe instead. Itching to return abroad, Alana applied to NJC as early as she could.
Upon returning home from Switzerland, Alana sought to continue her support of this incredible school, and is beyond ecstatic to be doing so through assisting the team at the Canadian Office on a part-time basis while pursuing her university studies full time.
While she is in the process of earning her undergraduate degree in English from the University of Toronto, Alana hopes to later pursue a graduate program in Journalism. 
Alana looks forward to visiting her sister in Neuchâtel in a few years' time!
A Canadian high school in Switzerland | Grade 12 & Gap