Lyn Perrenoud Tribute

NJC Canadian Office
Earlier this week, NJC staff and faculty gathered in honour of the dearly departed Lyn Perrenoud, a cherished member of the NJC community for more than 40 years. Lyn's husband Roger, son Joël, and granddaughter Alina, were in attendance. Former NJC staff member, Mr. Larry Barnes, also dropped by to pay tribute.       

Head of School, Mr. Keleher, spoke along with others offering reflections and cherished memories. An excerpt from a letter written by Mr. W. Boyer, former NJC Head of School, was translated and shared. At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Keleher presented the Perrenoud family with a lovely framed photo of Lyn that will be proudly placed in the foyer building along with a plaque. It was a fitting tribute to a wonderful woman who has contributed so much to NJC over the years.

In  the words of Mr. Keleher “It was a beautiful day with beautiful memories, for a beautiful person.”🕊️

Head of School, Mr. A. Keleher pays tribute to Lyn, with the Perrenoud family and former colleagues looking on.                                                

Former NJC teacher, Mr. Larry Barnes, shares stories with current NJC faculty members.

Excerpt from a letter written by former Head of School, Mr. W.  Boyer (1989-92, 2009-2018)
Personne ne connaissait l’école et la communauté de Neuchâtel mieux que Lyn. Avant d’avoir une coordinatrice des familles d’accueil ou une organisatrice de voyage désignée, ces responsabilités étaient toutes gérées par Lyn. Elle aidait partout où elle le pouvait, que ce soit assister le comptable, accueillir les nouveaux employés ou organiser les réunions personnelles du staff. Tous ceux qui vivaient à Neuchâtel et qui connaissait Lyn savait où elle travaillait. Elle me présentait toujours comme son patron mais, au fond, je pense que tout le monde savait qui était le vrai patron. Lyn représentait à mes yeux plus une grande sœur qu’une employée. Nous pouvions rire ensemble et être triste ensemble. Elle me disait exactement ce qu’elle ressentait, que ce soit positif ou négatif, comme des frères et sœurs le feraient.
I have always said that Lyn could be abrupt, curt, even undiplomatic at times. Some of her comments are legendary. But, she was also kind, generous, big-hearted and adventurous - all qualities NJC sought to encourage in its students. In this way, she embodied the ethos of the school. She loved her family, she loved her friends, she loved the school, she loved to travel, and above all, she loved life.
I told Lyn when I retired and left NJC that I would miss her. And I do.
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