Rockscapes: A Tribute to Edward Bartram and His Love of Georgian Bay

Art, no matter its medium, has always been a form of communication. It has the ability to capture one’s thoughts, emotions, and memories. It has the power to sway the heart and evoke feelings from the artist to their audience.

And that’s exactly what Edward “Ed” John Bartram did for a living; he swayed the hearts of his viewers with his breathtaking landscape paintings, photographs, and prints.
Ed’s passion for the rocky landscapes of Georgian Bay led him to a lifetime of inspiration for his art and, while doing so, made a name for himself in the world of Canadian art. He took a different and unique approach to his subject matter from traditional landscapes artists by zeroing in on the geological patterns of the rocks. He developed his love of art all throughout his childhood, encouraged by his mother, and was able to further expand his horizons during his time at Neuchâtel Junior College. 
Better known as “Ted” while he attended Neuchâtel, he spoke often and fondly of his time at NJC. Ed was able to attend and participate in various school trips which took him and his classmates around Switzerland and other parts of Europe. He forged friendships and memories that he carried with him throughout his life. He graduated from Neuchâtel in 1958 before ultimately pursuing his studies at the University of Western Ontario (B.A) and getting his Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Toronto. Throughout his life, he mentioned how deep of an impact his time studying abroad in Switzerland had on the person he became.
For over 50 years, Ed continued to make his art and garnered the attention of many. While continuing with his own art career, he taught art classes at the Central Technical School in Toronto and then at the Ontario College of Art and Design. During that time, he established his place with the Canadian Art Establishment, including being elected to the Royal Academy of Arts. He also had many shows in public and private art galleries, has work in the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario, and has a solo exhibition at the McMichael Gallery of Canadian Art. Nearing the end of his career, Ed published a book about his life and career, “Ed Bartram: Rockscapes of Georgian Bay”.
Sadly, he passed away in August of 2019 at the age of 81, however his gift of art has carried on. His work can be seen at the Mira Godard Gallery in Toronto and the Galerie Jean-Claude Bergeron in Ottawa. In February of 2021, there was an exhibition of his work that was held virtually due to the pandemic shutdown. It can be seen on YouTube by searching “Ed Bartram: Painting and Print, February 6-27, 2021”.
NJC has been very fortunate to have had such talented, passionate, and bright individuals, such as Ed, come through its doors. And though he is no longer here, his art carries his spirit. Thank you, Ed for being a part of the Neuchâtel legacy and, in turn, having us be a part of yours.
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