GrItaly 2022 Tour

The GrItaly (Greece-Italy) tour is one of the most anticipated trips among NJC students. 2022 marks the first year since the start of the pandemic that students have been able to embark on this amazing voyage of unique sights, sounds, and tastes of some of the most beautiful European destinations!

The class started their adventure in Rome where they spent three days exploring the Catacombs, Vatican, Colosseum, and Forum. They had a fantastic time enjoying authentic gelato and learning about Roman history, art, and architecture. The next stop on their tour was some of Italy's other notable sites: Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. The beautiful weather made it impossible to not enjoy the stunning views and entertainment done live by street performers! 

After spending a good amount of time in Italy, NJC '22 students made their way over to the gorgeous and historically rich country of Greece! There, students explored one of the most famous ancient archaeological sites in existence: the Acropolis. They went on a guided tour which highlighted the importance and significance of the remaining temples and buildings within the Acropolis to ancient Greeks. 

Other Greek excursions included the island of Hydra (famous for its luxurious beaches and Greece's oldest pharmacy), the picturesque seaport town of Nafplio and its fortresses, Mycenae, and Cape Sunio home to the Temple of Poseidon.

All the students had a fantastic time on this extended excursion. They returned to Neuchâtel with a deeper knowledge and appreciation for countries that they had only previously seen in textbooks. NJC is extremely grateful that restrictions have lifted enough to allow the students to experience such a wonderful travel opportunity!

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