Amy Borne '00

Written by Abigail '22
Neuchȃtel Junior College (NJC) is a school built on giving students an opportunity to
grow as individuals and have a sense of adventure and independence early on in life. It
incorporates many trips around Europe, both with the school and independently, the chance to
meet new people from across the world, and a unique experience through education and
independence. It provides a great joy to all those who attend and an unforgettable experience.
Amy Bourne is one of the many alumni from NJC who has benefitted from her
experience at NJC, not only in the workplace, but personally as well. Currently, Bourne is a
showrunner for the CBC show Dragons’ Den. She originally started as an intern for radio shows
and television, and decided to move, after finishing her Bachelor’s degree in journalism at
Ryerson University, to Calgary for better opportunities. She is an expectant mother of one and a
wife to her loving husband, who she met in Australia during a year studying abroad in university.
Her love for travel and entertainment was born during her time in NJC, year of 2000.
Back when she was attending high school in Toronto, her friend mentioned to her that
she was going to study abroad in Switzerland. Bourne was intrigued by this opportunity and, not
wanting to do Grade 13 regularly, she decided to apply for the same opportunity as her friend.
Luckily enough, she was accepted, and the next year she was off to Switzerland with her friend.
She travelled to the French-speaking area of Switzerland not knowing any French, which was a
learning curve, to say the least. She says that if there was anything she’d do differently, it would
be to learn more French while she was here.

Apart from that, she wouldn’t change a thing. She and her friend stayed together in a
small room with bunk beds. The pension they stayed with was a nice couple with an 11-year old
daughter and a dog. They resided in Saint-Blaise, however, there was also the experience at
the school itself. Her favourite class there was her Writer’s Craft class. This class blossomed her
love for writing and anything creative. It inspired her to go into journalism in post secondary and,
later on, into the entertainment industry.
NJC not only shaped her career path, but her whole view on life. Before she had this
experience, Bourne had never travelled in Europe. This opportunity created a butterfly effect on
her life - it led her to meet her husband, which she never would’ve done if she didn’t travel to
Australia for a semester post-graduation. NJC opened her eyes to how big the world really is,
and how much of it she has yet to see. It created this love for travel and curiosity of the world
she didn’t have before. From the Gritaly trip, to the Zermatt experience, these are experiences
she will never forget.

Amy Bourne has learned a lot during her time in Switzerland, and it has really shaped
the person she is today. From her career at CBC, to creating a family with the man she loves,
NJC has created opportunities for her she otherwise wouldn’t have considered. Her advice to
students now, and in the future, is to immerse yourself in the experience. Don’t worry too much
about what’s going on at home, because it will take away from what’s right in front of you. NJC
can create a foundation of independence and courage in your life to succeed and meet your
fullest potential.
Neuchâtel Junior College offers the unique opportunity to study Canadian curriculum abroad. While living in Switzerland in a French community, students enjoy an international education through travel and experiential learning in Europe. Gap year and Grade 12  high school students gain international experience and develop independence and life skills that prepare them for university and the global workplace.

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