Happy Anniversary to the Foyer

This year we are celebrating the Foyer turning 120 years old.  In 1960 the first act of the Conseil de Fondation was to buy the Foyer, a villa near the train station. Translated as hearth or home, it became students' "home away from home."  Open during the week for study only, the Foyer was used on weekends for dances, visiting speakers, chess, and ping-pong tournaments.  

Today the Foyer is home to administrative offices and the main office. There’s a salon with a few instruments where the students can gather and play music, and a boardroom that they can use to study. The top floor is home to an art studio and the basement is a space for students to relax, and play foosball or pool.  The Head of School and his family have their apartment on one of the floors. 

Enjoy an article originally printed in the 1960/1961 Yearbook about the historical space. 
Near the railway station, on the Crêt Taconnet in the upper part of Neuchâtel, stands an old patrician house which possesses a magnificent view of the Alps, the lake and the city.  The College has acquired the ground floor and gardens, which have been converted into “Le foyer des étudiants canadiens,” and is known to one and all as the “Foyer.”
Last year it was decided that there should be a place where the Canadians could get together, and also have the opportunity of meeting French-speaking students of their own age.  Thus the Foyer was born.  “Foyer” is translated by “hearth” or “home,” and, above all else, it has been a home for us this year. 
The ground floor consists of a kitchen, library-study, living room, games rooms and snack-bar.  The living room, games rooms and snack-bar.  The living room, a magnificent “period” drawing-room, is the centre of activity.  Its magnificent chandelier and silk-covered walls have been complimented by the tasteful addition of comfortable, modern furniture and an imposing stereophonic record player and shortwave radio.  The games rooms are fitted out for table-tennis, chess, and card games, while the snack-bar is complete with Coca-cola advertising and a brass rail!
This year, the Foyer has been put to much use. It has seen dances, debates, chess and ping-pong tournaments, frantic study for examinations, and many casual get-togethers.  Open during the week only for study, it is put to more general, if not more proper, use each week-end.  
Maintenant, nous voudrions remercier la famille Fortis parce qu’elle a donné à notre Foyer une atmosphère familiale et aussi parce qu’elle nous a aidés à parler le français.
We have all come to value the premises on the Crêt Taconnet very highly, and to think of it as our “home away from home.”  All are grateful for being able to use it, and realize how much the previous students have missed.  We hope that it will always be available to the Junior College, and that students of the following years will put it to good use.
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